Youth Hockey Now

Supporting Youth Hockey in the Mid-Atlantic
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Youth Hockey Now is a Mid-Atlantic movement dedicated to encouraging the pursuit of hockey amongst adolescents. Historically, the rising cost of ice hockey expenses has made it difficult for our youth to begin and continue to play the sport they love.  While the overall passion for ice hockey is improving in number and quantity year after year, so is the price of equipment and travel for training and games.
Luckily, due to the generosity of individuals and organizations across the country, ice hockey is now becoming a more accessible sport than ever before.  More boys and girls are getting a well-deserved chance to be a part of something they are excited about.  Every kid deserves an opportunity to play the great sport of ice hockey, and with our help, they can.
If you’d like to get in on the action, check out our How to Help section. If you’d like to learn more about ice hockey and the organizations and people making it equitable, visit our Blog.